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It is in 1895 when this legend football club was born under the ownership of David Sullivan. The current name hadn’t been birthed yet, thus the club was going by Thames Iron Works. Sullivan later brought in a second investor, David Gold, who now owns 35% of football club shares. It was the efforts of these two businessmen that West Ham became the force to reckon in the English Premier league.

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West Ham United FC was born in the late 18th century with blue and white striped jerseys as their first gear on the field. Their initial matches were in the Western and Southern league before they entered the Premier League scene in 1919. Their first victory match was played immediately after their debut, winning the West Ham Charity Cup in 1895. Things became more professional for them when they joined the Southern League, earning Second division and immediately got promoted to First Division.

Their original jerseys were dark blue shirts, shorts and socks before they graduated to sky blue shirts and white shorts which they wore in the 1897-1899 premier league season. More revision on the player kits was done until they arrived on the now trademark attire of claret shirts with sleeves of sky blue colour. It is in their new football jerseys they first played Aston Villa in, threatening their status as League Champions in the late 18th century. So West Ham tickets are quite rare.

Change of Name

Things weren’t always smooth for the team and soon they were to undergo financial problems. The name Thames Ironworks FC was dropped as well as the club closed due to bankruptcy. But they did not stay out of the football scene for long as in July of 1900 they reopened, this time with their trademark name West Ham United FC.

It is in the 1901 season that West Ham United officially joined the Western League. By 1907, they had already attained victory in the 1B Division then proceeded to defeat Fulham 1-0 to gain the 1A Division Champion title. In 1919, West Ham officially attained Second Division in the Football League then quickly rose to First Division after drawing with Lincoln City.

It is under Greenwood’s leadership that West Ham saw their glory years. They scooped their first FA victory in 1964 led by their talented captain Bobby Moore. They went ahead to win the European Cup Winners Cup, a victory that catapulted West Ham to global popularity and more fans on their side. In the 1966 FIFA World Cup analysis, it was revealed that most of the top performers from England were from West Ham united. Geoff Hurst, a then team member managed to score three successful goals that went down in history as the first hat trick ever in a World Cup final. Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters were the legends of West Ham united and even got a commemoration statue on Barking Road that stands to date.

It is a tradition for every English football team to carry a nickname that distinguishes them, and West Ham United has earned several to their name. They are known as The Hammers, a nickname that was earned during their years as Thames Ironworks FC. They later adopted the nickname, the Irons then the Cockney Boys. Today you may hear West Ham United referred to as the Academy.

How to Get the West Ham Tickets

The West Ham tickets are easily obtainable to watch their next big opponent in this season’s premier league. There are a number of ways to obtain the standard tickets west ham, one of them being the online way of logging into the e-ticketing website and selecting the West Ham United FC ticketing section. Alternatively, you can get your West Ham utd tickets by sending an email to the ticketoffice@westhamunited.co.uk. If booking via email, make sure you do so in advance so your West Ham tickets can arrive on time before the next game. West Ham’s manager at this time was Ted Fenton, who saw the team rise to prominence before passing the baton to Ron Greenwood in 1961.

Another option is booking via telephone and there are two official numbers on the West Ham United website to call. The first telephone number works within the business hours of 9am to 5pm from Monday through Saturday. The second number is available as a 24 hour hotline, so you can book your West Ham tickets at any time of the day. Just make sure you are quick to get your tickets before they run out.

The third option of buying standard West Ham tickets is through post application to the official West Ham postal address: PO Box 6731, London E13 9RA. The last option is buying your West Ham tickets in person through the stand ticket offices that are made available before matches. These stands are available in four categories; those that open during non-match days, those opening from Saturday till match days, Sunday till match days and on midweek match days.

If you haven’t bought your West Ham tickets yet, don’t miss out the chance to watch the Hammers face premier league giants. They will be facing Chelsea on 13th August then later Manchester City on 27th August. They will be playing Sunderland in 22nd October and Everton on 29th October. Get your VIP tickets today and have a front row action as West Ham united once again prove their process in the premier league. Currently they are number 7 in the league table with 62 points.

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