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Around 1878, when the railway lines were spreading through Lancashire and Yorkshire, a little group of railway yard workers formed a football group. They named it the Newton Health LYR club, which brought together budding football players to indulge in the game after a day’s work. Little did they know how big they were going to become, garnering many fans globally and their Manchester United tickets selling out in a matter of hours.

Why You Should Get the Manchester United Tickets this Season

Manchester United or the Red Devils is a household name in the English Premier League. Not only for the number of Manchester United tickets they sell each season, but also the several conquered matches, multiple awards scooped and comebacks whenever the premier league hits them with a curve ball. The Devils have become a favorite to both young and old, garnering fans all over the world who buy the Manchester United tickets to watch their favorite team live.

But it wasn’t always like this for them; their history was plagued with financial misfortunes that the club was threatened with closure in the beginning of the 20th century. It wasn’t until a local tycoon John Henry Davies who decided to invest in the club’s future. At the start of 1902, the club was fully revived and Henry Davies‘ influence led to the name changing to Manchester United.

The club’s first influential manager, Ernest Mangnall, arrived in 1903 just in time to lead the team’s victory in the 1903/04 and 1904/5 football seasons. Popularity for the club skyrocketed, and Manchester United tickets to the fresh games became a gem in England. The 1905-1906 seasons were yet another success for the Red Devils, becoming the first team from their town to reach the FA quarter finals. It wasn’t until the football season of 1905-1906 that Manchester United scooped their first Football League Cup. Billy Meredith, a former Manchester City player, was the top scorer from the team, having signed up for the devils at an opportune time.

MUFC in the 20th Century

The Devils‘ entrance to the new millennium was with such prowess that fans, tabloids and rival clubs could hardly ignore it. Goalkeeper Fabien Barthez joined the Devils, preceded by his success score charts at the World Cup and European Championship cup. The French goalkeeper was a big portion of Manchester United’s win in the 2000-2001 season win. This definitely had to make news as very few English football clubs ever won the FA cup three times in a row.

Only Liverpool was able to win the English cup three times in a row and under two different managers. The Devils did it under one manager, and it is here that the name Sir Alex Ferguson became a force to reckon. Under Ferguson’s guidance, Manchester United went on to sign up some of the best football players in premier league history.

In 2002, The Devils signed in Rio Ferdinand who had been listed as player for the World Cup finals, Japan and Koran. This greatly reinforced United’s defense positions, a feat that saw the club regain the 2003 Premiership title, and fans finding a reason to purchase Manchester United tickets again. Soon the likes of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Devils and they displayed outstanding performance for the team right after 2004. Ferguson’s major concern was in preserving the Premiership glory of the Devils, and this was proven by them scooping the 16th league title after squashing Chelsea. Cristiano Ronaldo also showed his great value as a Devil’s player, garnering over 13 honors for himself, including the Young Player of the Year and PFA player honors. Enter the season of 2006-2007, and Ronaldo proved that he is indeed a grandeur player; he scored a total of 42 goals for that season and yet again squashing Chelsea in the finals. The MUFC tickets sale skyrocketed as popularity for the Red Devils soared. This well deserved fame saw the likes of Nani, Carlos Tevez, and Anderson join the team to further boost United’s pace in the coming season.

Manchester United 2010 and Present

Rumours of Alex Ferguson leaving the MUFC franchise brewed over the years and finally it all came true in the season of May 2013. On his step down, he had successfully led the team for 26 years in which The Devils saw a lot of honorable victory. In his tenure, Ferguson saw the club purchase about 104 players, 170 goals scored by his team, 38 trophies at Old Trafford, 894 wins, 337 draws and 267 defeats. In Manchester United club history, Ferguson remains a name to be praised for the success he has brought the club.

After his exit, Manchester tried to keep the ball rolling by signing up a few top managers in English football. David Moyes took over from Ferguson but he did not show a promising career for United and its fans, his rule ending even before one year ended. Once again fans didn’t see the need to buy Manchester United tickets and his successor Louis van Gaal failed to show he had what it takes to sail the Red Devils flag high.

Nonetheless, Jose Mourinho is the new hope for Manchester United after signing up on 27th May 2016. His was a grand entrance for the team, with wallpapers flooding the MUFC website and lots of positive reviews coming from football analysts. As a manager, Jose is known for his skill in crafting workable tactics, team management, anticipating situations and adapting to each outcome.

Currently, Manchester United occupies the 5th position in the Premier League, and everyone is hopeful about the new season. Mourinho was the force behind Chelsea’s and Real Madrid’s rise to fame, and if his track record is anything to go by, things might as well be looking up for the Devil’s this season.

But don’t wait until you hear it from the tabloids, buy your Manchester United Ttckets today and attend a live match to watch Jose and the Devils in action. Get the Man United tickets or Man City tickets for the 10th September match, and watch these two giants going head to head. Make sure you are buying your Manchester United tickets from credible websites and in advance before a match.

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