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Behind the doors of the Crystal Palace Exhibition building is how this Premier League club was formed. Crystal Palace Football Club came to being because of the FA Cup Final officials deciding they too wanted their own private team to participate in the league. What was birthed as an idea became a reality and a force to reckon in today’s English Premier league.

CPFC Tickets: Book in Advance for the 2016/17 Season

If you don’t have your CPFC tickets yet, you shouldn’t wait any longer for this chance to watch an exhilarating adrenaline filled match. But before that, here is a short trip down memory lane to when the Crystal Palace story unfolded.

Around 1895, the officials of the FA Cup final had identified suitable grounds for the new FA Cup stadium at the Crystal Palace building. They immediately became enchanted with the venue especially with their history of promoting tourism as a business. They sort to expand the tourist traffic to the Palace building, and one way was to form a football team that would play at the venue.

The coming to birth of Crystal Palace Football Club can also be said to be inspired by the early Crystal Palace team of 1861. This team comprised of Crystal Palace workers who played football as a pass time. However, this early team of football crusaders got wiped out of history records, thus FA Cup stadium owners decided to form an official club to play.

By 1905, Crystal Palace Football club was formed and earned the nickname the Glaziers. Through the help of Edmund Goodman, CPFC sort to register for the Football League along with other prominent clubs like Southampton and Chelsea. However, only Crystal Palace’s application wasn’t approved at that time. One would say this was a stroke of bad luck on their side, but they were undeterred when they sorted to participate in the Southern League matches where they made progress.

Their entry to the Southern League was marked with a promotion to Second Division in the 1905-1906 Season. They later succeeded in the inauguration process which saw their status rise to First Division, same year they were crowned as Football Season Champions. The light of luck was definitely shining at the Crystal Palace stadium.

Crystal Palace Football Club’s glory years began with their astonishing performance in the 1907 FA Cup round victory against Newcastle United. But even this victory was preceded by the prestigious fete of being one of the few football clubs to achieve inaugural championship in a Football League Division. The widest margin win was in 1959 when they squashed Barrow FC with a staggering 9-0 victory.

Buy Your CPFC Tickets Today

Have you always wanted to be a part of the CPFC excitement? The CPFC tickets for the 2016-2017 Season are out and you best grab your pair in advance. Buying CPFC tickets is a walk in the park, simply log into the official Crystal Palace Football club website and go straight to the ticketing section.

There are several ways to purchase CPFC tickets online. First, you can purchase ticket pairs to only single matches whose dates are announced on the online fixture timetable. Well, you may not be able to attend all matches live, but there are days you definitely should get the CPFC tickets and be on the ground when the action begins. Perfect examples are 17th September when they play Stoke FC, 24th September match with Sunderland or on the 1st of October when they face Everton. 13th and 31st December are days to look forward to as well, as CPFC will be facing Manchester United and Arsenal FC.

Your other option of purchasing CPFC tickets is buying whole season tickets. The best part is you don’t need to pay the full amount right away. Crystal Palace FC website offers an installment plan package for those purchasing season tickets. You can watch all the matches you want and pay later in small advances you will hardly notice.

Another ideal alternative is getting into a CPFC season tour by booking a complimentary trip to Crystal Place to watch the matches love. These season trip packages come complete with travel arrangements, hotel bookings and full day catering at the stadium. You could be the lucky winner of a season trip or earn your way to a WPFC tour by becoming a loyal member at the website.

CPFC tickets are priced according to game categories and seat position in the stadium. Category A tickets are pricier and may fetch as much as £45 to earn a seat at the Main Stand. Buying a same stand seat in Category B is £10 cheaper at £35. This gives you the convenience to determine where you seat and on which matches. Crystal Palace FC also have a loyalty package for existing members where points are earned for every £1 spent buying tickets or food at the stadium. Eventually these points accumulate and win you a special deal like priority bookings or club offers you just cannot say no to.

Crystal Palace Football Club proved themselves to be an instant success immediately they debut. No doubts they carried the banner high for their original predecessors who birthed the idea that crystal palace definitely needs a club of its own to boast of. But words alone don’t cut it, you should definitely book CPFC tickets conveniently from their website and sit in an action packed stadium with thousands of CPFC fans cheering on.

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