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In terms of a fast-paced game of football, Chelsea fans are rarely disappointed. This team is certainly one of the most respected organisations on the planet and therefore, Chelsea tickets are sought-after items for any loyal fan. What are some of the factors which make this club so unique and why is your one-stop shop if you hope to see Chelsea FC in all of its glory? These are two important questions to address in much more detail.

Why Choose Chelsea Tickets? A Unique Team with a Unique History

Founded as far back as 1905, Chelsea has enjoyed a rich and diverse history over the years. It is nonetheless interesting to note that the team did not win a major championship until 1955 under the management of centre forward Ted Drake. Chelsea won many other titles in the decades to follow. It could be argued that one of the main reasons why Chelsea tickets are so very popular is due to their track record from 1997 into the present. Chelsea has won an impressive 17 titles since this time. Some of these include a UEFA Super Cup, a UEFA Europa League win, five league cups and an astounding seven FA cups. However, most fans and critics alike are likely to point out that this team is currently the only London organisation to have won the vaunted UEFA Champions League title. We can now fully appreciate why the ability to purchase quality Chelsea tickets is a top priority for fans from across the United Kingdom.

Chelsea has always sported some amazing players. Some of these include Peter Osgood, Jimmy Greaves, Charlie Cooke and Stan Willemse. These and many other personalities have led the team to some truly amazing wins over formidable opponents. Two examples of their prowess on the field include an 8-0 triumph over Wigan in 2010 and an identical 8-0 win over Aston Villa two years later. The only time that these numbers were surpassed was in 1906 when Chelsea humiliated Glossop with a final score of 9-2. While such figures certainly increased the popularity of Chelsea tickets, this organisation has made a very real impact upon football culture around the world.

Many are unaware that several films have been based off of the history and victories of this club. These include The Great Game, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and The Football Factory. Along with movies, there have been a handful of catchy songs written about the exploits of Chelsea. Some notable tunes are „On the Day that Chelsea Went and Won the Cup“, „Blue Day“, „We’re Gonna Win“ and „Blue is the Colour“. The latter song actually made it to the number-five spot on the UK music charts in 1972. Although there is no doubt that Chelsea tickets are quite popular for fans of all ages, this team has had a very real impact upon British culture itself.

Chelsea Tickets: Seeing the Best Players Up Close and Personal

Purchasing quality Chelsea tickets will enable fans to get up close and personal with the undeniable talents that this team brings to the pitch during each and every game. Players such as Cesc Fabregas, Radamel Falcao, John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic are all forces to be reckoned with. Newer personalities including Joseph Colley, Pedro and even American defender Matt Miazga could very well help to propel this team to even more stellar victories in the not-so-distant future. Still, the fact of the matter is that purchasing Chelsea tickets is the only real way to appreciate just how well this team plays.

Anyone who desires Chelsea football tickets is likely to keep track of how the team is performing. Currently, they are ranked at tenth place above Everton and below Stoke City. With twelve wins, twelve losses and fourteen losses (at the time that this article was written), the team could be well on their way to a unforgettable season. It will be interesting to see what the future may hold as well as if the rivalries with teams such as Arsenal and Leeds United continue to be present.

Providing a Modern Edge for Those Desiring Chelsea Tickets

In the past, the main method of purchasing Chelsea tickets was through box offices and similar distributors. This was a bit of a challenge for a number of reasons. First, one could find that all reservations were sold out (such as would often be the case before a Chelsea-Leeds United match). Another issue was that the best prices could be hard to come by. Many of these concerns have been done away with through the power of the Internet. Now, amazing Chelsea FC tickets can be obtained in a matter of seconds and from the comfort of your own home. Fans will be able to see all of the latest upcoming matches and choose those which are the most appropriate and convenient. Attending a game has never been easier.

There is no doubt that Chelsea FC has made a massive impact upon the world of football. Thanks to a rich history and their ability to secure some of the most talented players on the planet, we should only expect this trend to continue into the future. Now, an entirely new generation of fans can appreciate all that this club has to offer through a streamlined ability to obtain Chelsea tickets.

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