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English football, soccer… Arsenal Tickets! The fans are ‘fanatic’. The fanatical fan base is the fifth largest in the world. Nick Hornby wrote a dedicated, obsessive book on them, ‘Fever Pitch’, how it, football, they, Arsenal can control your life, dictate your life.

Originally known as the Woolwich Arsenal F.C., in 1914 they dropped the ‘Woolwich’. Their home base in North London is the Emirates Stadium, which can hold 60,260 supporters and it cost £390 million to build. However, the expense is justified because revenue from the grounds is the highest in the world.

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Arsenal has won the Premier League Championship 3 times since it started in 1992 and is 2nd to Manchester United on the table overall with 502 wins and 241 drawn games. The Gunners have won the F.A. Cup a record 12 times and have been runners-up in the U.E.F.A. Cup and the U.E.F.A. Champions League. They were most successful in the 1930’s with 5 League Championships and Arsenal tickets cost 2/6 (12½p) and they were least successful in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Cliff Bastin was Arsenals leading goal kicker in the glorious 1930’s and his record stood for over 60 years until it was broken by Ian Wright in 1997.

With the longest unbeaten run of 49 wins in the F.A. Premier League history from May 7th, 2003 to Oct 24th, 2004, they have only finished below 14th 7 times. The 2005/06 season brought another record for the club by playing 10 consecutive matches without conceding a goal. On the all-time Premier Table, which started in 1992 until the present time, Arsenal has won 3 times. However they sit 2nd to Manchester United who have 586 wins over all and Arsenal with 502 wins and 241 drawn games.

They have the record for the most consecutive wins in 2002 they won 14 games in a row. They also hold the all-time most away consecutive wins away with 12 in a row 2013. Forbes magazine estimates that Arsenal is worth 2 billion and is the 2nd most valuable club. Arsenal will play their first game of the 2016/17 season on Sunday the 14th of August and they will play Liverpool, which will be known as the biggest game of the weekend. The last 10 times these two teams have met Arsenal have won 4 times and drawn 4 times.

The football fixture goes from August 2016 to May 2017 and Arsenal tickets range from £26.00 to £95.00 for members and non-members Arsenal tickets will cost between £27.00 and £97.00. Away tickets will be capped at £30.00. Nike is their official supplier of the red and white uniforms. 38 matches are played by all teams and the team that wins the most games will be crowned the Premier League Champion. Arsenal could potentially win £100 million. In the history of the game there has never been a playoff. Not many people even know there is a rule in the unlikelihood of this ever occurring. Don’t miss a thing, be sure to have your Arsenal tickets. For a playoff to happen two or more teams would have to have the exact same number of goals, goal difference and goals scored.

You need to get your Arsenal tickets for the first match of the new season and watch them take on fierce rival Liverpool. Sure to play in that match will be an exciting new midfielder, Swiss player Granit Xhaki. Xhaki is believed to have signed a 5yr deal for an estimated £30 million. The pressure is on Arsenal to perform after a top four finish last season. After they were rejected by Leicester City player Jamie Vardy who chose to stay at his original club because he felt he wouldn’t fit into Arsenal’s style of play. So they will be hoping their 23yr old star recruit Xhaki will be invaluable in making the play with his gifted technical skills.

Arsenal tickets will be in demand for their second game of the season when they take on Leicester City and Jamie Vardy. The third match of the season is against Watford on the 27th of August. A team Arsenal has a fairly competitively even matching with, but still important to have your Arsenal tickets. On the 10th of September, Arsenal play Southampton at Emirates Stadium. Get your Arsenal tickets to watch Arsenal play a team they had a draw with the last time they met and were beaten by them the two previous times. But they have beaten them 45 times before and 25 draws.

Hull City is Arsenals rivals at the K.C. Stadium on the 17th of September. Of the last 13 times the two have played against each other Arsenal have lost only once and drawn twice. Get your Arsenal tickets for this important clash.

The last match to be played in September on the 24th is against Chelsea at Emirates Stadium. You’ll need to ensure you have your Arsenal tickets for this crucial game. Because of the last 6 times they’ve met, Arsenal has only won one, drawn one and been beaten 4 times. The official Premiership Season is not far away so get your Arsenal Football Club tickets in plenty of time and don’t miss any of the action.

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