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The Premier League comprises of men football clubs from England and Wales; operating on a system based on relegation and promotion. Its seasons run from August through May, and 20 teams participate as shareholders, the teams play each other twice (at home and away) and every team record 38 matches making a total of 380 matches that are played in a season. Most of these games are played on Sunday and Saturday evenings, however, some may extend up to weekday evenings with Premier League Tickets. The league was formed in 1992 following a decision by First Division member clubs of Football League to break away.

What Makes Premier League Stand Out?

The English Premier League (EPL) is popular across the globe; it has gathered audiences from over 200 countries. Is there anything that sets the Premiership apart from other European Leagues say La Liga, Bundesliga, or Serie A? What is it that makes EPL acquire a huge fan base?

It is arguable that the popularity of the Premier League is due to its massive television coverage that it receives. The EPL matches are watched by over 600 million people, and the games are eagerly awaited by the fans. The Premiership acquires a lot of income from this coverage and then distributes it equally among all the shareholders. This is, however, not the case in other football leagues across Europe; Bundesliga, for instance, gives the income to the team with the most coverage.

The Premier League has more than three teams that are capable of ending up at the top. The uncertainty that lies to what team may end up scooping this top position makes the Premier League even more entertaining. The decision whether Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal or even Chelsea will end up at the top remains at the hard work and dedication that the players will put in the game. It was astounding when Leicester City won the title last season (2015/2016); this was beyond anyone’s expectations. But, who does not love surprises? The other European leagues tend to have two or three teams dominating, for instance, La Liga has only two teams, and Serie A has three while Bundesliga has two that seem to be winning this top position.

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Premier League events see a huge turnout of fans. The fans are committed to supporting their teams; therefore, Premier League Tickets are usually in high demand. To get one, you should make sure that once the tickets are released, you should immediately grab one. The Premier League Tickets can be bought from clubs or their authorised partners. You cannot buy Premier League Tickets from touts on the stadium or unauthorised websites.

It requires one to be fast so that you can get a ticket to watch the Premier League live. If you acquire Premier League Tickets from unauthorised websites, you will not be able to enter the stadium. Those who are responsible for checking the Premier League Tickets are keen and can differentiate the genuine from the false one.

Teams in the Premier League

Premier League is home to the best football clubs in the world; EPL proudly hosts Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Leicester City naming just a few. These teams have the best strategies and styles that make EPL a competitive league. The clubs display extreme styles in their games. For instance, Manchester United is known to utilise the open attacking, fast wingers and strong and hardworking midfield men whereas Chelsea inputs pressure to the opponents by hitting teams to their breaking point and investing on their counter-attacking styles.

A Glimpse into the Premier League’s Future

The introduction of the Goal Line Technology in the Premier League will make the determination of goals precise and avoid the confusion that results whenever there are disputes concerning the determination of goals.

The future of Premier League will see no fraud in the processing of Premier League Tickets. There will be no unauthorised websites that will be able to replicate the Premier League Tickets; reducing the inconveniences that affect the unsuspecting fans who fall for the fraud.

The Premier League has had a great impact in Europe; its economic effect is huge and has seen the league contribute huge tax to the UK exchanger and also a contribution of about £3.4 billion to the GDP of UK. We cannot ignore the amount of jobs (either directly or indirectly) that have been created by the Premier League.

Current Premier League News

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